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Today in class, we taught “boy” and “girl” and we went around the classroom, and they got which their classmates were. (keep in mind these kids are 5). The other teacher, somewhat jokingly asked “What about Elaine-sensei?) One of the boys, who I’d just met today, looked up and said without a shred of hesitation “BOY!”

I think I laughed for like 20  minutes, it was so funny. To be fair, I was in my “boy-y” clothes today, but I did have makeup on, so who knows. It was still really funny :P


Anonymous asked:

Where did u get that Makoto pillow??

I got it at Mandarake in Osaka ^_^ They had a lottery going on, but after those finish, they sell the left over ones. This one wasn’t suction-packed, so it was bulky, but cheaper! Totally worth it ^_^

The Musical Goods haul from last weekend ^_^ Preordered the DVD too, can’t wait! We were the night with the Vol 9 cover, so yay!

All laid out on the hideous hotel bedspread lol. Hope there’s another one last year, going to closing night was SO worth the wait ^_^ Especially since we were on the livestream, and probably made it to the DVD if they keep on the audience shots from that night! Yee!

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